Big data project title

Big Data:

1. Knowledge model for electric power big data based on ontology and semantic web.
2. Multilayer big data architecture for remote sensing in Eolic Parks.
3. Massive MIMO as a Big data system: Random Matrix Models and Testbed
4. Big data and cloud computing: Pitfalls and advantages in data management
5. Concurrent bandwidth Reservation strategies for big data transfers in high-performance networks.
6. Big data query optimization by using locality sensitive bloom filter
7. Online Sketching of big categorical data with absent features.
8. SODA: Software defined FPGA based accelerators for big data
9. SSMDM: An approach of big data for semantically Master Data Management
10. Subspace Learning and imputation for streaming big data Matrices and Tensors
11. Online subspace learning and nonlinear classification of big data with misses.
12. A Scalable Big data Test Framework
13. Memory Fast-forward: A Low cost special function unit to enhance energy efficiency in GPU for big data processing
14. Data Model for Big data in Cloud Environment
15. Handling Big data using NoSQL
16. Mobile User Verification/Identification using statistical mobility profile
17. Distributed scalable RDFS reasoning.
18. Rate less code based reliable multicast for data distribution service
19. Promptly pinpointing mobile RFID tags for large-scale Internet-of-Things
20. A graphical administration tool for managing cloud storage system
21. Selfish replica allocation in a mobile ad hoc network with data update
22. Paraphrase generation based on lexical knowledge and features for a natural language question answering system.
23. Big data service engine (BISE): Integration of Big data technologies for human centric wellness data.
24. Mind you PS and VS : A Perspective on the Challenges of big data management and privacy concerns
25. Distributed real_time knowledge graph
26. Big data parallelism: Challenges in different computational paradigms
27. Relationship between class order and parameter approximation in unsupervised learning
28. A Combination of temporal and general preferences for app recommendation
29. Detection of POI boundaries through geographical topics
30. Drawing an millions of biomedical joined publications to do predictive biology
31. Robust network construction against intentional attacks
32. A game theoretic approach for collaborative caching techniques in privacy preserving location-based services.
33. Banian: A cross platform interactive query system for structured big data
34. Triangle counting in networks using a multi-level branching technique.
35. ePF-DASH: Energy-efficient prefetching based dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP
36. Secure Sensitive data sharing on a big data platform.
37. Sentiment analysis of real-life situations using location, people and time as contextual features
38. An expert search scheme using user activities and reliabilities in social networks.
39. Big data analysis: Recommendation system with Hadoop Framework

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