100% Knowledge in Project

Project involves thorough theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject for which the project is taken up for execution. Students joining Wiztech for doing their IEEE Final Year projects are encouraged to strengthen their theory based knowledge before they are inducted into the practical aspects of the subject. Theoretical knowledge is knowing everything about something. It is information about every aspect of what is talked about. Unless theoretical knowledge is total and complete, one cannot execute something practically. Wiztech Automation first of all takes care of total knowledge aspects and ensures that the students are having thorough theoretical knowledge. They are then inducted into ‘practically working’ areas. Certain times students would have unclarified doubts, which also get clarified while practical working is taken up. Thus the students are benefited when they do the projects at Wiztech Automation, since they are made totally knowledgeable about every single aspect of the total project.

Having both theoretical and practical knowledge on all aspects leads the students to acquire 100% Knowledge in Project. Students can execute their projects well and in time only when they acquire 100% Knowledge in Project

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