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Unlike the yesteryears, the school students in India have also started conceiving unique project ideas, as the students in other advanced countries – like Japan, Europe, US and others. From 8th standard onwards School students in India are encouraged to select key concepts and develop them as their projects for submission before the academic year closes. Though the projects that they do, may not give them any mark based credits, they are motivated to do the projects which take them to the next level in their theoretical knowledge and practical application of the same. Invariably these project-models are done as working models because the concepts could be explained well only through working models. While Civil, mechanical & electrical engineering based science projects are popular, it is a fact that electronics is pulling everyone much. Electronics provides scope for wide range of projects – each one of which could be considered as unique. Information technology (IT) and IT enabled services (ITES) further enhanced the scope for the unique nature of projects that the school students select.

Industrial and product based concepts are often chosen since they could be well implemented and explained. Product based concepts and the concerned school projects fall under embedded systems and for the industry based concepts and the school projects thereof similarly fall under PLC range automation systems.

Wiztech Automation, Anna Nagar, the pioneering Training organization has been actively engaged in providing services and support for projects for schools too for a few years now. Positioned as a frontline service provider in the field of training and projects, Wiztech understands better the aspirations of the school students who excel in their selection of project concepts for implementation to successfully complete them. Wiztech provides end-to-end support to the school students’ requirements in their project ideas and implementation. The qualified faculty members and the facilities that Wiztech has, work well to bring out excellence in school students. Wiztech has been able to support many school students to excel in their project based aspirations. Mstr. Ajay and Mstr. Harish of X standard from Chennai had done their projects with total guidance and support of Wiztech Automation, Chennai, which is considered as the Best School project Centre in Chennai. The projects of these students have been selected at the National level and are about to be selected in the international level.

Wiztech works with strong vision and always puts forth its best of efforts to bring out many such projects. As an organization Wiztech continuously works to bring out excellence in school students. Students could therefore totally rely upon Wiztech Automation for School projects in Chennai, as Wiztech has attained the status of Best School project Centre in Chennai. Wiztech is therefore a one stop destination for School projects in Chennai.

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